Monthly Archives: December 2012

First Culture Jamming in Cairo


Having received the task to find examples of people’s participation and manifestations of citizenship around the area, our newly formed mixed group hit the streets of Cairo. Armed with cameras, we went out hunting for the expressions of culture jamming around the island of Zamalek. After a while of wondering under the winter sun, we […]

“This is Embassy… go away!”


A minor dispute arose – “Which direction?” With unlimited time, we were not going to think this question for long, and so off we went our way. Only then did we discover that walking through Embassy Row, with cameras in hand, and with an eagerness to snap photos, we were going to offend some large […]

Looking beneath the veil


Muslim woman filming in a christian church For us the Muslim woman in the Christian church not only symbolizes acceptance and tolerance towards ‘the other’ religion, while visiting the church during the service, she also showed openess and interest to see and find out more; and even document her visit. Not knowing about the other […]

Lost in Tahrir


During our tour in the city we witnessed the characteristics of Cairo. We found a lot of poverty, people sleeping in the street or selling goods. In the opposite,there are those who drives fancy cars blocking the streets, using their horns which make the city crowded of cars and not human. In the end, we […]

Created by many, conducted by none


Visitors to Egypt may arrive with a certain expectation. Firstly, whether their luggage has made it with them, or whether they indeed have landed in the right country at all. But one is immediately surprised by the warm greeting that beholds the visitor when entering the impressive spectacle that is Cairo International Airport. But walk […]



Today is the arrival day! Cairo is meeting us with its usual winter fog and huge energy, which you may feel everywhere you look or go here. The place where we are meeting this evening with the group of participants is near to Nile, it is at the island called Zamalek and that is why […]

Preparing Phase I


In terms of your preparation for the Training Course: 1. As part of the Euro-Mediterranean Evening, we would like you to bring local food, drinks and music, as well as info-materials about your local community. We want to celebrate an EuroMediterranean New Year together sharing how we celebrate in different areas this event. All initiatives […]

Are you ready?


The course in Egypt will begin soon. Hope you are all prepared and eager to attend.