First Culture Jamming in Cairo

Having received the task to find examples of people’s participation and manifestations of citizenship around the area, our newly formed mixed group hit the streets of Cairo. Armed with cameras, we went out hunting for the expressions of culture jamming around the island of Zamalek. After a while of wondering under the winter sun, we found the ‘right’ message on the building of girls’ school, that in the end spoke to all of us. The image is quite descriptive. It speaks to us about the participation of the people in the revolution from many perspectives. It tells the story of numerous murders, irresistible hope, and also talks about the situation between Muslims and Christians in Egypt. Here the two silhouettes are holding hands in a way they become one. Sometimes walls of our houses can tell more truth than the mainstream media. Look around you and see.

The working team was: Ahmad, Ali, Anja, Dina, Ruta.



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