“This is Embassy… go away!”

A minor dispute arose – “Which direction?” With unlimited time, we were not going to think this question for long, and so off we went our way. Only then did we discover that walking through Embassy Row, with cameras in hand, and with an eagerness to snap photos, we were going to offend some large and scary looking enbassy police. What made things interesting, is that our whole objective was to take a picture drawing on our impressions on Egypt’s transition. Where to start? Where to go? “Head to the Nile!” cried Mustafa, before realising that despite being the lifeblood of the country, it had undergone no real transition; it was still leaking water…

Walking through Cairo, one notes that change is all around you. Whether it be the ageing men in flowing Gelabiyas, or young schoolboys proudly showing off their jackets with the words “Religion and Roll” emblazoned across their backs. Such is the nature of Egypt’s transition, within its varied ages, and its diversity. What was certain is that we’d be seeing its multitude in the following days.

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