Citizenship in Jordan

From our colleague George, some clarifications about “Citizenship” concepts in different parts of MENA region:

My dear friends I would like to share with you the international law of citizenship in my country 

CITIZENSHIP: Citizenship laws are based upon the Jordanian Citizenship Act of 1954.

BY BIRTH: Birth within the territory of Jordan does not automatically confer citizenship.

BY DESCENT: Child born of a Jordanian father, regardless of the child’s country of birth.
Preference is given to those of Arab descent. The following are also considered citizens of
Person of Arab descent who was habitually resident in Transjordan in 1928.
Person of Palestinian Arab nationality before May 15, 1948, who was habitually resident in
Jordan at the coming into force of the 1954 Act.
Person of Arab blood continually resident in Jordan for five years.

BY NATURALIZATION: Jordanian citizenship may be acquired upon fulfillment of the
following condition: Person has maintained residence in Jordan for at least 15 years.

LOSS OF CITIZENSHIP: A Jordanian may neither lose Jordanian citizenship nor acquire the
nationality of another state (other than an Arab State) without the consent of the Board of Ministers.

VOLUNTARY: Jordanian law permits voluntary renunciation, with the permission of the Board of Ministers. Contact the Embassy for details and required paperwork. A fee is assessed and the renunciation must be further approved by the Ministry of the Interior.

INVOLUNTARY: The following are grounds for involuntary loss of Jordanian citizenship,
though loss is not recognized until permission is granted by the board of Ministers:
Person commits misconduct that undermines the security of the state.
Person joins the Armed Forces of another state.


George Naouri

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