Corporate Social Responsability – CSR

The CSR is not a proper Funding Organisation, as it is more a voluntary engagement from Companies and for profit organisations that are willing to support social work to set up programs and funding opportunities for various projects. Many of the companies involved in CSR are organised in networks ( EU ( more than 5000 companies on , Middle East (…). It can be then a good door to knock at in the research for a stable funding opportunity, because Companies.

Many projects with different focus have been implemented, depending on the interest of the companies. BP in Egypt sent Egyptians to study in Cambridge University. United Colors of Benetton launched a big campaign and a funding program for helping fighting against unemployment and discrimination within the youth. You can visit the following links:

UNHATE Foundation’s call for project proposals

General site about CSR in the Middle East

Vodefone’s CSR activity in Egypt

ERSTE Social Integration Award

(List of the companies involved in CSR in Europe )

How to apply ?

There is no special way to apply, as it is specific application procedure for every kind of projects and companies. Organisations seeking in implementing a youth project on democracy and citizenship should check that :
1) The company they are seeking funding from is member of a CSR network and does apply CSR
2) their objectives match with the objectives of the company

For example, the United Colors of Benetton ‘Unhate’ campaign is still providing funding for projects initiated by young people and organisations working on fighting against discrimination and unemployment :

We kindly invite you to provide below links of some companies you know are involved in CSR .

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