Identity salad revised

Today wasn’t only the first day of the new year, but the first day of working in out MidTerm project in Alexandria. We are working in the amazing Bibliotheca Alexandrina.

We explored the meaning of citizenship in various languages and the outcome was that in most languages the origin comes from the words city, state, place, area.

The bonding game / energizer »fruit salad« was an activity where we took the identities of different fruits, we mixed each other in different ways and created a tasty fruit salad. The differences between us create a great diversity; the differences from us make the seminar more effective, active even fruitful – the more combinations of fruit we had, the tastier the salad can be.
Another experience we had was our personal exploration of which things form our identities. After that we were introduced to the Onion identity model – speaking about the fact that everyone is unique, complex, the more layers our identity has, the stronger the taste of the identity onion becomes.

The last task of the evening was raising the question of how we understand the concept and construct citizenship. We had diverse opinions and would like to sum up our discussion with a thought for you, reader; do you define yourself by citizenship or nationality?

Anja, Dina and George

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