Last Day in the TC

It was an energetic day , starting the day by going in the light rain and starting our last day with a greeting from the Sky , and the first session about democratic citizenship and making mind map for it , and think about the visually outline information , it was great that every group  share only 4 outline information for democratic citizenship and to find the different kind of views for all the groups .

And the second session about planning the projects and we had a beneficial workshop about project management and how to use the Five Ws and How . and we used this workshop to put headline about our project we are going to develop in the second phase , and today was the birthday of the Egyptian participant Naglaa Sarhan and we decided to make a surprise for her , so we decided to pretend sleepy and make an energizer , so made a game specially for her and tell her to stand in the middle of the circle and close her eyes and we started celebrating her birthday and she was very Shy about it , and her response was “ I LOVE YOU ALL GUYS “

After that we had the most traditional Egyptian meal foul and falafel it was a great a feeling to have lunch with all that friendly participants .

And the Third session was to present our Project ideas in trajectory Official TV , and we started making the presentation for all the people , and it was amazing how the participants were interested in the ideas if the project .

And the last session about what we have to do in the second phase and thinking how we will be connected during the second phase and after that evaluating the whole project and it was very funny how we started the evaluation part by the funny video made by George , Anya , Dina and Aly about evaluation .

After that we went to have dinner at an old restaurant in Alexandria , and feeling sad because it was the dinner we are going to have together in Alexandria and excited about meeting each other again in Tallin.

See you all Guys in Tallin ,


Ahmed Kadry

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  1. Tiziano says:

    Great post Ahmed… see you tomorrow at the Pyramid..

  2. Citizenship says:

    we love you too Ahmed K

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