SIDA – Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency

SIDA is a government organization under the Swedish Foreign Ministry. Their head quarters is in Stockholm with many offices in countries where we have ongoing activities.

The mission of SIDA is to reduce poverty in the world.
They work in order to implement the Swedish development policy that will enable poor people to improve their lives. Another part of their mission is conducting reform cooperation with Eastern Europe, which is financed through a specific appropriation. The third part of their assignment is to distribute humanitarian aid to people in need of assistance. They carry out enhanced development cooperation with a total of 33 countries in Africa, Asia, Europe and Latin America.

The overall target of Sweden’s development assistance is to ensure that those in poverty have the ability to improve their living conditions. To carry out this assignment effectively and strategically, it encompasses all areas of society.

Their main efforts are presented in five areas:

  • Democracy, equality and human rights
  • Economic development
  • Knowledge, health and social development
  • Sustainable development
  • Human security

You can visit SIDA’s website here or contact them by email

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