Monthly Archives: February 2013

Anna Lindh Forum Marseille 2013


Back in March 2010 MTÜ Trajectorya represented by its secretary general Ljubov Lissina and its educational advisor Xavier Baró, took part in the Anna Lindh Forum in Barcelona. And now, just in few months, after a number of the preparatory events, the Forum 2013 will take place in Marseille, in France. Trajectory@ will be there […]

Egypt’s Second Revolution Anniversary


Some reflections about the Revolution Anniversary from the European Youth Forum: On the second anniversary of revolution, there is still unrest in Egypt. More than 50 people have been killed and over a thousand wounded across the country at anniversary protests. The revolution in Egypt in 2011 played a major part of the Arab Spring, […]

Between Broken Chairs and Turkish Delight (a delayed report from the simulation)


A reflection from participants in the methods used during the first course of the project (Alexandria, 3rd of January 2013)   The day brought a disturbing simulation of democracy in the perspective of unequal distribution of economic wealth. As soon as coins gave a clinking sound on the training room floor we saw participants – […]