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Hello ,My name is Ahmed Bahaa and my nickname is Alan ,i’m in Mecha-Tronics engineering department in the warm city Cairo-Egypt . Started my Activities in 2005 by doing some charity works and some voluntary works then i kept developing myself till i found Waseela for Training & Development in 2007 and now i’m a Project Coordinator , […]

Back to the roots or: Go Localisation!


Since our training course in Egypt I find myself wondering about (political) participation a lot. Where does it start, what should it include, what different kinds exist and so on. When we were walking in Cairo with the task to find something that symbolises citizenship or participation for us, Kristof chose to take a picture […]

Anna Lindh Forum in Marseille


  More than 1300 civil society organisations from 44 countries gathered yesterday (4th of April 2013) in Marseille for the official opening of the Anna Lindh Mediterranean Forum. The Forum is the first regional gathering of its kind since the historic events of the Arab Awakening and the social impact of the eurozone-crisis. Trajectorya is […]