I am Tiziano Tomassini, international project developer of Young Effect Association of Magenta (Milan).

After the training in Egypt I decided with several NGO’s to write a project about conflict resolution and historical memory.

The project name is “No tank you” and it will be implemented between 29th July to 5th August 2013 as it was approved by Italian National Agency.

Nowadays world is being tried by several exams involving financial crisis, intercultural problems as well as the fights for leading power of the regions or the world as a whole. The part of Arab world is trying to find their way to freedom and democracy facing the opposition of historical order. The European Community is standing in front of the question “to be or not to be” or “how to be” trying to answer this question under the pressure of numerous political influences. This is the time where the international seminar “No tank you” takes place. Participants from 10 different EU countries will have the possibility to discuss together some of the most pressing issues of the surrounding world. 10 different cultures will share their points of view to several historical and present examples of social movements, arising conflicts and the ways of dealing with all these. The main emphasis of “No tank you” international seminar will be on non-conflict and peaceful resolution while the new tools and methodologies will be provided. By means of dialogues, simulations, engaging in pair and team work the participants will have the opportunity to understand what is the role of civil society in stimulating the present day social movements. The participants will discuss how to say: No, thank you to the tanks.

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