Active Citizen Workshop


Active Citizens is a community empowerment and social action program that promotes intercultural dialogue and global citizenship .

   It brings together people who are involved in local and national social action  networks and engages them in a program of training , community development and international exchange that will improve their cross-cultural effectiveness, increase their direct engagement in society and broaden their local and international connections .

the program creates an international network of global citizens, who are leaders and influencers collectively acting to improve society, adressing agendas such as increasing democratic engagement , poverty and climate change.



every participant who is on the program will increase his/her profile as a global citizen. they will have :

– a stronger sense of their own culture and identity through engagement with other cultures

– an increased knowledge and understanding of how their local community works and its link to the rest of the world

– a demonstrated sense of responsibility for improving society through sustainable initiatives


Ahmed Kadry


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