How to teach citizenship in school


I was thinking how can I teach student the meaning of citizenship and make it easy to understand it, i did a plan for it hope it will be useful that any one can use it.

Citizenship in the community

1.I discus with the students and ask them to do some research,

A. What citizenship in the community means in the history and culture

B. What it takes to be an active citizen in our community

C. What is your rights and duties

2. After they done the research,  ask them to choose an issue that is important to the citizen of our community and why,

how can young people make different

3. I take them to watch a movie that shows some ideas how the media is important to give information, after that we

discuss what message did they get from the movie and what the message they wont to till.

4. I ask them to develop a public presentation such as a video, slide show, or photo exhibit abut important and unique aspects

of citizenship in the community.



George Naouri



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