Olympiads for Democracy

We wanted to set up in public schools and a play on the theme of democracy where young people were divided into three teams to beat in different games to get the first place. This game is actually flawed from the start, and the jury of three leaders knew in advance who would win and who would lose.

Our proposal has not met with success in schools and municipalities and no animation has not taken place until today. But the houses of these young people have answered for this movie for the summer! It is during the months of June, July and August we will be happy to put it (finally!) in place.

The first is to take place on June 9 and is aimed at a young adult audience, the second will take place on June 21 with youth 15 to 17 years.

As soon as the first animation has taken place I will not fail to put the pictures online!



I wish I talk to you about another project related to democracy that we have implemented in a primary school. This is the Children’s Parliament project. This project is implemented in collaboration with the association “Le monde des possibles”. This project, funded by Anna Lindh has since January to make animations in two Belgian classes 3rd and 4th primary (children 9-11 years) on the theme of democracy. At the same time, a Palestinian association located in Gaza. The children had the opportunity to skype with Palestinian youth to meet virtually and a real meeting is scheduled for late June in Belgium. Palestinian youth will spend a week, meet with Belgian children and together they go to Parliament to visit but also to make their voices heard.




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