Conceptualizing mystical experience

Miss Elizabeth: (screaming) Give me the map!!!
Mir Orlando: Why do you want the map if you didn’t participate during the process????

From our experience we realized that we didn’t have active participation duriing the process of the hiking.
What we mean with the active participation?
You must to ask for your rights and demand them (get inpired from Egpypt and Gezi park!). But actually you guys (governement decision, decision makers, …) also have to provide proposal space for participation. We as the youth workers should encourage people to participate more creativily and more intensively.

The other point that we realized is during the relfexion or consultation time that defending the things happenned or the decisions lead the tension further between the governement or decision makers and society. And this situation makes the process and the governement less reliable.

And to the citizens: don’t be afraid to fail!

2 Responses to Conceptualizing mystical experience

  1. Tina says:

    I don’t completely understand the last point. Are you stating that justifying the actions from the side of the government is not recommended?

  2. Zek says:

    It is not about complaining and reacting , it is about justification the decisions have done.

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