Democracy needs your attention!

Decision making process is as important as decision itself. Democracy needs attention. Pay attention to your behavior if you want your interest to be achieved and don’t avoid participation. Every decision has to be taken in a democratic way. The responsibility of citizens should involve permanently participation in the whole process even though the decision will not be as you expected, should not discourage your participation. Giving constant feedback is as important as the participation and might have a strong impact on the decision.

Decision makers have to be aware and pay attention that every step or acting is being democratic. Never avoid discussions, even if the time is limited or if the people don’t have initiative or if the question doesn’t seems important. Try to be aware of decision making and for that is necessary to search for more information and from different sources. Analyze this information, in order to understand the situation better.

Only if both sides are permanently assuming responsibilities and communicating with each other, democracy can work.

Heba, Mikhail, Alina & the contribution of Zek

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  1. Citizenship says:

    I think that it is important to stress the question of taking time for information and discussing even – or especially – in stressful situations, even though it might seem easier and quicker to take quick decisions within a smaller group. In the end these decisions would have been more thought-through and elaborated when discussed, especially since – when we think about it – most of the decisions to make are not that time sensitive and it is often used as an excuse to NOT discuss.

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