Training Course starting in Tallinn

The third phase of the Midterm project, Youth Work for Citizenship and Democratic Participation in Political Transition contexts, is about to start this evening.

Unfortunately, not all the participants from the first phase will be able to join us. This is due to different reasons, including visa procedures and as well ones linked to different “transitions”, whether in personal life, or linked to the processes in their countries… – sometimes both and more at the same time.

New participants will be joining the group and will bring new touch, reflection points and sharing, taking into account as well transition experiences brought from Tunis, Romania, Lithuania, Russia.

Since January, when we said good bye-s each other in Alexandria and Cairo, the theme of the project has became even more and more relevant, since there happened a number of things in many countries; some of these sounded louder, like Egypt or Turkey, but as well Bulgaria, Russia, Spain, Syria, Estonia other places…

The participants as well developed their activities and workshops, took part in actions, kept on working in their organizations.

Now it has come time for updates, to see what’s new, how are political transitions going, how us, youth workers, leaders and activists can adapt to it and adapt our work to these changes, how to tolerate this ambiguity thus doing our contribution to development of the civil society in our contexts.

The entire project still aims at “developing youth work strategies fostering inclusive democratic participation in the public sphere”.

With particular objectives for the meeting in Estonia, which will complete the ones reached in Egyptian phase and after:

  • To develop youth work competences central to inclusive democratic citizenship
  • To experience non formal education methodologies and methods fostering participation
  • To get updated about the youth work experiences and the current developments in participants communities
  • To explore the possibilities and the limits of social media as participation tools
  • To strengthen youth work cooperation and develop concrete follow up proposals

Apart of the existing objectives, each and everyone is coming with what to share and own expectations, and there is not that much time left before we clarify, share, explore and discuss about all that and start building up the space for mutual learning. I am looking very much forward to that,

On behalf of MTÜ Trajectorya welcome to Estonia

Ljuba Lissina

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