NúriaI was born in the Mediterranean city of Barcelona 24 years ago. I studied Sociology and a Master in International Relations, Security and Development. I work at Novact, a catalan organization that promotes international peace building actions in conflict situations, especially in Middle East and North Africa. At the same time, I am a volunteer in an association of people with intellectual disability that works for the social inclusion.I strongly believe in social movements, on the citizens’ strength to make the world an egalitarian and fair place to live. My great passion is travelling, because it makes me learn, discover new things and meet new people. I enjoy watching good films, hiking in the mountains and doing sport.
  Hi, I’m George Naouri from Jordan. I’m a drama teacher, program manager and team leader in JYIF (Jordan youth innovation forum) I did some international movies you can see in (www. 2000 I have been working with youth to help them to face the future by opening doors for them through JYIF. Since 2007 I have helped them tofirstly discover Jordan and other countries. If you would like to know more abut JYIF you can got to our web (
Ruta Masalska

I come from very nice and green Baltic country – Latvia. I am a musician and computer teacher by education and have been working as a teacher for 10 years now.

Since 2006 I have been working as a civil servant in the Department of Education, Culture and Sports of the Riga city council and my daily work consists of planning youth policy in the city, coordinating different financial support mechanisms for youth NGO’s, bringing together politicians and youth as well as organizing and promoting different international projects for young people and teachers.

Besides work that I enjoy a lot, I love to travel, to discover new cultures, meet new people and challenge myself in different ways- skydiving, mountain climbing, rafting, riding, diving and sometimes just surviving. And I love to laugh and make other people happy 




Mustafa Kemal TOSUNER from Ankara Turkey.I am an expert on International Relations/EU. I am also having my PhD in History.I work for the General Directorate of State Hydraulic Works as a mid-director. We are making the programmes and the budget of the DSİ and DSİ makes the dams,irrigational canals and the drinking water systems.
In TANDEM, we work for people to associate the Turks living in Europe and the Europeans especially the Germans living in Turkey.Hi, I’m George Naouri from Jordan. I’m a drama teacher, program manager and team leader in JYIF (Jordan youth innovation forum) I did some international movies you can see in (www. 2000 I have been working with youth to help them to face the future by opening doors for them through JYIF. Since 2007 I have helped them tofirstly discover Jordan and other countries. If you would like to know more abut JYIF you can got to our web ( )
I’m Tina, a freelance historian from Hamburg.I’m working in international projects since 2007, mainly for EUSTORY – The History Network for Young Europeans. For that I’m organising youth seminars and workshops for young people from all over Europe about historical and political issues.Apart from working with all these motivated and engaged people I also tremendously like the travelling that comes with organising seminars all over Europe. It has already taken me to countries like Serbia, Ukraine or Romania. Travelling around, getting to know new people and countries is something that I also enjoy very much in my free time. I feel like I’ve mastered the art to take the travel opportunities that life presents to me.
  Marie PonchonI am a French 22 years old Environmental activist.After graduating last year from a Master degree in International Relations and European Studies, I am now working as an intern at Friends of the Earth Middle East, Bethlehem (OPT) office, where I am actively involved in a
Regional Rehabilitation project forf the Jordan Bassin. I have been interested in participating to this program as a member of the French Youth movement for political ecology “Les Jeunes Ecologistes”

I am the coordinator of my local group in this organisation and participate actively to our political and activist campaigns for Human Rights, Gender Equality, rights of the minorities, Environmental protection and social justice. I am also involved with the Federation of the Young European Greens ( FYEG –
as part of the Editorial Board of the Ecosprinter, the web publication of the FYEG; and, deeply concerned about Youth Empowerment, I use to organise seminars and workshops for young people around Europe, and to be committed in setting up actions and political campaigns and activism. I like cats and white chocolate.You can contact me on :


I am Ramzi Merhej from Lebanon.

My work experience circles around the themes of reconciliation, youth and women empowerment, community mobilization, social justice, and peace building. I hold a professional degree in Mechanical Engineering.

I work as the project officer in the Peace Education Program of ALEF – act for human rights ( since December 2011. In addition, I am responsible of the outreach of the new interpersonal conflict transformation toolkit game “Ta’o Nehke/Let’s Talk”. Outside ALEF, I serve as Vice- President on the executive board of the DLR/Dialogue for Life and Reconciliation Organization Lebanon.

One major thing that changed the way I perceive things today is the realization that there is not one truth in the world, not one way to see or do things. I strongly believe in interdependence – no nation can exist alone and without the help and support of the other –, in respect for each other, and education for a healthy society. Therefore, I decide to attend the Citizenship and Democratic Participation in Political Transition Contexts Project.

Mobile: 00961-(0)3-642503



I come from a small country Belgium.After studying
rights in Liège (Belgium) I left a year in West Africa to discover, learn and share.
I stayed a year and I had the chance to change five times countries and volunteer in several organizations (Ghana, Burkina-Faso, Mali, Senegal and Guinea). In every country I could find a family who welcomed me and allowed me to discover and culture.On my return to Belgium, I started working in the voluntary sector. After five years in an administrative position I decided to change and throw myself as a facilitator and trainer.I also create an association with friends: Cento. Our association aims to citizenship education, we all work voluntarily.

The organization that I represent this training is a youth association “Confédération Parascolaire.” We organize activities for young people on various topics related to the culture and the media.

I also have a little boy and a step daughter that I love and with whom I hope to share my love of travel and sharing with others.

  Kristóf Simonyi from Hungary.
I’m a junior environmental educator on BOCS Foundation’s global education courses introducing developing countries and promoting volunteering and travelling in schools and youth programs. I’m the Youth in Action coordinator of BOCS Foundation

I have my own project, “The Panel” within UNHATE Foundation’s Unemployee of the Year project. This project is about promoting art through a public exhibition and contest and inspiring new generations to see possibilities.

I’m a regular assistant at Egyesek Youth Association’s personal development trainings and volunteer camps

  Khalid MiahYouth Liaison Director for the ASHA Centre – an international NGO based in the Forest of Dean, in the United Kingdom.With an academic background in Law, International Relations, Religion and Politics, I have worked and studied in the UK, China and South Korea. I
also had a brief stint working for HM Diplomatic Service in Ghana.At ASHA I’m responsible for constructing and maintaining the Centre’s network of participants and organisations in the UK. I also act as a programme manager for our international courses as well as creating and delivering publicity through social media. I often travel overseas either as the Centre’s representative or in my personal capacity as a junior Youth
in Action trainer.


  Anja Koletnik,27 year old graduated social worker. I was born in Slovenia, spent my early childhood in Australia and now I consider myself a global citizen.I started working as a volunteer when I was 15 and ever since, working with people has become an irreplaceable part of my life.I am involved in various European projects and highly motivated for working
on the topics of human rights education, minorities, gender and gender identity, sexual identity. I have been involved in LGBTQ activism for some years now, mainly involved in working with LEGEBITRA and Ljubljana Pride.

I am part of a new forming LGBT+ working network, supported by the Federation of Young European Greens (FYEG),  focusing on rights and visibility of these social groups and with special emphasis on the Balkan region. My main topics of interest include lesbian and queer body image, gender issues, gender mainstreaming.


I’m Tiziano from Magenta, a little town next to Milan in Italy. I am a social worker and I activelly work for an  Italian organization called “Young Effect”

I am actually the president of Young Effect.I have a degree in Sociology and in my life I travelled a lot. I was living 2 years in Turkey, 1 year in France, 1 year in Hungary and several months in Malta and U.S.A.I cannot live without discovering new cultures, that’s why I do this job and that’s why I decide to attend the course in Egypt.The motto I adopted is: *Travelling is like dreaming: the only difference is that not everyone, once awaken, can recall their dream. Whereas, everyone has a vivid memory of the trip from which he has returned.*

Mikhail Zhukov
Russia, Yaroslavl
I’m educator, youth worker and engaged citizen I work as an educator for different educational institutes for long time. Now I’m employee of Teachers-training University and  center for extracurricular education. The main point of both jobs is about international experience of youth work, citizenship education, intercultural learning.
To promote those topics I initiated to establish NGO Youth Agency “Interactive” ( The subtitle of the NGO is “intercultural dialogue and non-formal education in European framework”. We have short and long term activities in our region as well as we organize international youth exchanges.
I see the work that I described above is my contribution into development of civil society. But the political processes make me be more active – in the Internet and now go to streets.
As a matter of fact I like my dog, my city and travelling at the same time, and photo.
 My name is Jolanta Polakova and i’m from a really good and beautiful country named Latvia;)Now I’m student of Riga Technical University. I’m participating in youth projects since 2008 year. Since 2009 I’m a member of youth organization PatriotiLV and a leader of public relation department in youth organization there since 2012.Besides studying I love sports, traveling, photography, nature, many animals at home;) good weather, hard metal, nice people and of course singing – maybe not in a good way but I love t;D