Ljubov Lissina
ngo.trajectorya (Skype)


Involved in youth work for over fifteen years, I am a member of Trainers’ Pool of the Youth Department of the Council of Europe from 2006.I started my involvement in youth work as volunteer and leader of international work camps and nowadays I am working in the NGO Trajectorya as Secretary General and coordinate and run projects.

I have got broad experience in non formal education as trainer and educator and project manager working with young people, adults, educators and trainers.


Haythem Kamel


I am Haythem from Egypt; I believe that it is very important to give youth a chance and to be empowered by the needed competencies to lead their world.

I work as a freelance trainer with a focus on Youth Development; I was one of the co-founders of a number of organizations in Egypt like the Sustainable Development Association (SDA) and the Egyptian Youth NGOs Federation.

I worked at the League of Arab States (LAS) to establish: (LAS Youth Forum) which multiplied into several youth activities in the Arab Region and built a stronger partnership with the Council of Europe. I worked a lot with the Anna Lindh Foundation.

I am a boy scout since young age, and I love to meet new people and learn about other cultures.

Xavier Baró Urbea

As trainer and educational advisor I collaborate in a regular basis on the development of Training activities for the European Commission, the Youth Directorate of the Council of Europe and the Anna Lindh Foundation for the Dialogue among cultures.

Currently, I am member of the pool coordinating the courses on European Citizenship for the European Commission; and the Youth Peace Ambassadors Programme of the Council of Europe.

Besides the work for institutions I am currently the President of the Association of Human Rights Educators (AHEAD).

Ola Shahba

Ola is a trainer and activist in civil rights in Egypt.. She has been involved in political activism in Egypt and has her blog in arabic where she posts about current developments in her community.

Povilas Plukas

Mainly, I work as a learning designer. My responsibility is to create space for learning. I have to create the circumstance where learning appears. In my vocabulary “space” and “circumstance” have an extensive range meaning. What do I do practically? I ask stupid, smart, provocative, supportive questions. I split people in small groups and then invite again to a big group. I ask them to shout, to listen what silence is speaking to them. I encourage them to jump, to climb, to play, to draw, to speak or not to do these things and many other things. Is it not related to art?  Love what you do or do what you love. This is my motto. I am really passionate to help to expand the self, to learn and grow, progress towards the realization of a human potential.

Muhammad Mostafa

Muhamad works as researcher in the Center for Democracy and Social Peace Studies which is one of the centers of the Bibliotheca Alexandrina’s Academic Sector. It was established to become an active promoter of social  peace in Egypt and the region, and to help raise people’s awareness of democracy and democratic processes.

The center’s core activity is to conduct research and provide expert training in democracy and non-violent conflict management, resolution and peace building. One of its major goals is to train people to address social issues in a peaceful manner, and promote the basic tenets of democracy within society.