Last Day in the TC


It was an energetic day , starting the day by going in the light rain and starting our last day with a greeting from the Sky , and the first session about democratic citizenship and making mind map for it , and think about the visually outline information , it was great that every group […]

A story of Transition


Today, Wednesday January 2nd, 2013 (which still deserves a loud : HAPPY NEW YEAR !), the key word was “Transition”. Transition contexts in all of our countries was discussed the whole morning, and everybody took a great pleasure in presenting democratic and citizenship challenges in both sides of the Mediterranean, and how civil society and […]

كل سنه و انتوا طيبين (Happy New Year!)


‘Oh, so you will celebrate ‘New Year in Egypt’, was what many of my friends are saying. ‘What will you do?’. I had no idea but the idea of not knowing (and no need of taking care about any planning) how and even with whom I’m going to celebrate the New Year. The idea of […]

Identity salad revised


Today wasn’t only the first day of the new year, but the first day of working in out MidTerm project in Alexandria. We are working in the amazing Bibliotheca Alexandrina. We explored the meaning of citizenship in various languages and the outcome was that in most languages the origin comes from the words city, state, […]

First Culture Jamming in Cairo


Having received the task to find examples of people’s participation and manifestations of citizenship around the area, our newly formed mixed group hit the streets of Cairo. Armed with cameras, we went out hunting for the expressions of culture jamming around the island of Zamalek. After a while of wondering under the winter sun, we […]

Created by many, conducted by none


Visitors to Egypt may arrive with a certain expectation. Firstly, whether their luggage has made it with them, or whether they indeed have landed in the right country at all. But one is immediately surprised by the warm greeting that beholds the visitor when entering the impressive spectacle that is Cairo International Airport. But walk […]