Hiking for Democracy? A drama in 5 acts



More Than a Hike


decision making using outdoor learning   Our experience in multitask hiking give us how to take decision in stress full moment. After 5 kilometer walking and caring heavy bag in the dark night, we were a group of seven people, who we don’t know each other so much, Some of the group are sleepy and […]

Hiking towards Democracy


How does an expedition of fifteen individuals from various parts of the world, translate itself to modern realities, say those occurring in the Middle East and Turkey, or perhaps even smaller ‘revolutions’ that are more closer to home? What is certain is that the challenges we encountered exposed many of our own weaknesses and discrepancies […]

Democracy needs your attention!


Decision making process is as important as decision itself. Democracy needs attention. Pay attention to your behavior if you want your interest to be achieved and don’t avoid participation. Every decision has to be taken in a democratic way. The responsibility of citizens should involve permanently participation in the whole process even though the decision […]

Conceptualizing mystical experience


Miss Elizabeth: (screaming) Give me the map!!! Mir Orlando: Why do you want the map if you didn’t participate during the process???? From our experience we realized that we didn’t have active participation duriing the process of the hiking. What we mean with the active participation? You must to ask for your rights and demand […]

Experiential Learning: From frustration to action


Thinking about what to transfer from our experiental learning event to our realities of project work we could identify several points, who had one thing in common: They caused frustration. So we were thinking of how to turn the negative feeling of frustration into constructive action, starting at the beginning: BEFORE starting an action it […]