Follow Up: Communities in Transition


Communities in Transition. Learning methodologies for  entrepreneurship for social change “Communities in Transition” is the direct follow up of  the Mid-Term project “Citizenship and democratic participation in political transition contexts” A project to develop youth work strategies that foster inclusive democratic participation in the public sphere specially supporting new social initiatives addressing the current systemic […]

Active Citizen Workshop


  Active Citizens is a community empowerment and social action program that promotes intercultural dialogue and global citizenship .    It brings together people who are involved in local and national social action  networks and engages them in a program of training , community development and international exchange that will improve their cross-cultural effectiveness, increase […]


I am Tiziano Tomassini, international project developer of Young Effect Association of Magenta (Milan). After the training in Egypt I decided with several NGO’s to write a project about conflict resolution and historical memory. The project name is “No tank you” and it will be implemented between 29th July to 5th August 2013 as it […]

Back to the roots or: Go Localisation!


Since our training course in Egypt I find myself wondering about (political) participation a lot. Where does it start, what should it include, what different kinds exist and so on. When we were walking in Cairo with the task to find something that symbolises citizenship or participation for us, Kristof chose to take a picture […]