Preparing Phase I

In terms of your preparation for the Training Course:

1. As part of the Euro-Mediterranean Evening, we would like you to bring local food, drinks and music, as well as info-materials about your local community. We want to celebrate an EuroMediterranean New Year together sharing how we celebrate in different areas this event. All initiatives are more than welcomed.

2. Find out information about transition contexts in your community (what kind of transition you think there is and how it affects your communities; provide clear examples), that you feel will be interesting to share with the group. Try to get some English version of  the information you bring;

3. Bring materials to present your involvement in youth work and about your organisation, and at the same time we would like you to check with your organisation before the course which ideas of cooperation you would be interested in developing as possible follow up;

4. Last but not least, we are inviting you to join Trajectorya Facebook (search for group named Trajectory@) profile where we may start getting to know each other and already network, before the course itself begins.


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