Foundation For the Future

The overarching goal of the Foundation for the Future is to support democratic reforms and
empower citizens by strengthening the capacity of local civil society organizations (CSOs)
throughout the Broader Middle East and North Africa (BMENA)
The Grants Program is one of the tools and mechanisms that the Foundation can offer for civil society to engage in the
promotion of democratic transformation, respect and protection of human rights and
achievement of the rule of law.

Generally, proposals should promote the development of effective mechanisms for citizens’
participation by strengthening and engaging civil society with a focus on one of the following
programmatic priority areas:
1. Civic engagement and citizen participation to public and political life
2. Promotion and protection of human rights
3. Women empowerment, women’s rights and gender equality
4. Democracy and good governance
5. Transparency, accountability and the Rule of Law
6. Media freedom
Grants applications must address adequately one or more of the afore mentioned areas, and
reflect the needs and state of affairs in the specific project location chosen by the applicant.

Range of Grants Awards and related cost‐sharing

Grants Award Range % Requested   Minimum Cost     Sharing from Grantee
A Up to US $50,000 5%
B Up to US $250,000 10%
C Over US $250,000 15%

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