Egypt’s Second Revolution Anniversary

Some reflections about the Revolution Anniversary from the European Youth Forum:

On the second anniversary of revolution, there is still unrest in Egypt. More than 50 people have been killed and over a thousand wounded across the country at anniversary protests. The revolution in Egypt in 2011 played a major part of the Arab Spring, yet similar protests can be seen across the region.

Lately, the Egyptian pound plummeted to record lows against the US dollar causing a rise in the price of staple goods like rice and therefore exacerbating the economic burdens of the poor. Using a highly contentious decree that granted him near-dictatorial powers, Morsi pushed through a controversial constitution through a referendum process late last year. This move has sparked mass protests and deadly clashes and left a deep national rift in its wake. Although there has been increasing European support for post-Arab spring countries, on Tuesday 5th February representatives from independent Egyptian trade unions called on European and Western leaders to take action to support the rights of Egyptians, including, their union and labour rights.

The Youth Forum believes that young people in the Euro-Arab Mediterranean region are able and willing to take control of their future and capable of playing an active part in the development of their society. Reform in the region and the potential to develop sustainable and democratic societies are linked to the establishment of an active youth NGO sector and the plurality of youth organisations. The Forum believes that a strong basis needs to be provided in order to create a dynamic youth sector for genuine change in the region. There should be a social dimension as part of the Commissions priorities in its external relations.

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